1, first see if the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes, check the packaging of sunglasses, the regular sunglasses shall be marked with name, color, diameter, chrome hearts online, the quality level and the factory name and trademark, mirror or specified on the label anti-UVA, UVB and CE mark sunglasses can ensure that blocks some ultraviolet rays.

2, To buy a chrome hearts eyewear and sunglasses to try when you have dizziness, headache, feeling. Now on the market, there are some sunglasses for sale indicate degrees of myopia, but because the PD indicators vary, so without the guidance of professionals, consumers had better not choose this prescription sunglasses.

3, with sunglasses in his hand two angles on the fluorescent lamp, mirror-like reflective flat scroll bars, if you find a mirror reflection of sunlight light wavy, distorted, proof lenses is not formed, this mirror will strain your eyes.

4, lens formation, higher degree of penetration, Sun lenses are made of glass and resin, and the best polarized lenses sunglasses lenses should be used. It uses the lightweight precision and contact lenses made of synthetic resin, synthesized by the seven-layer sheet, the outer two layers are super hard layer; the second to sixth floor are shatterproof coating; third to fifth floor is UV filter layer, chrome hearts sunglasses, the middle layer is a polarizing filter. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out light and harmful UV rays, and shatterproof, anti-ground and other functions, is the most popular sunglasses.

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5, chrome hearts eyewear color in addition to according to their colour, face, dressed to match the outside, also according to access sites to choose from. In General, black, dark brown, grey filter worked well; absorption of any GC can balance the gray lenses, spectacles to see the scene darkens instead of a visible chromatic aberration; tinted lenses to filter out a lot of Blu-ray, and can improve contrast and clarity of vision, chrome hearts jewelry online, severe air pollution or effect especially under foggy conditions.

6 What kind of shades, sunglasses for us? Simple self test method is to look in the mirror to put on sunglasses, faintly visible eye within yourself. Colors too light light filter is too small; color is too deep affects Visual acuity and weakened sense of color.

7, wearing chrome hearts online store in addition to reduced light stimulation, eyes comfortable, but the main objective is to prevent UV damage to the eyes, and color lenses with UV protection are two different things, even if the lens darker, may not be effective UV protection, chrome hearts sunglasses online, so be sure to select a marking with UV protection lenses. Usually sunglasses UV UV index at 96%-98%.

8, regular chrome hearts sunglasses shop has detection ability to resist ultraviolet instruments through this detection, you can know the sunglasses help your eye health.