Lately someone in Twitter and friends ask why TFBOYS the red, why EXO so red, why the gu Jian legends Tan so red? The answer is actually very simple, so-called legitimate red naturally because idols are at the right location, caught by the TV audience. A silver ring sell thousands of pieces of Chrome Hearts why so red is really worth exploring.

chrome hearts jewelry

All first from the brand’s founder said, Chrome Hearts (Crowe) is one of the world’s most well-known jewelry brand, founder Richard Stark had been in Hollywood do movie props and leather jewelry business a chance to help design rock star Cher leather pants and then began not only to his reputation, resulting in numerous celebrity influx of orders. Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark couples formally establish Chrome Hearts brand in 1989, chrome hearts online, early in Los Angeles L.A. shop, in 1995 in New York. Chrome Hearts now the world store located in United States, and Japan, and France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Seoul and Beijing. Chrome Hearts style fusion of rock and punk, hip-hop and other low-key luxury air products extends from the early days of silver, leather furniture, 22K, gold, Platinum, inlaid jewelry, children’s clothing, handbags, chrome hearts online shop, stationery and so on, to provide customers with tailor-made products and services.


See here basically found the answer to this question, in addition to the design styles to meet the trend, the popularity of Chrome Hearts really want to thank countries and from all walks of life celebrity. chrome hearts ring, Celebrities love Chrome Hearts around the world many can say that straddles the world of fashion and the entertainment industry, including Chief Designer Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, Germany, Starship lead singer Smith shidifentaile, chrome hearts online, and the French edition of VOGUE editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld, and Germany supermodel Claudia ‧ Chevrolet. More Asia from Korea of BIGBANG to the main domestic market EXO-M, and Taiwan’s many male idols, Oh and of course our teacher of Wang Feng, are big fans of Chrome Hearts. So a degree in their respective fields have different appeal celebrity lived free of Amway, never face hardly advertise Chrome Hearts is so popular all over the world.