LAccording to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported on February 2, chrome hearts on sale, world-renowned luxury brand Crow announced that Cindy Crawford, daughter of kaiya endorsements 2016 spring/summer collection. This is the 14 year old little Miss’s first new product release, she had previously appeared on the Vogue, chrome hearts online, the CR Fashion Book fashion magazines.

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Although having supermodel MOM Cindy Crawford’s shadow, but the Altima has been in fashion build their own style. Crowe laoli linen said one of the partners of the heart, with Altima models talent, is the new “young but everlasting soul.” Makeup artist also said the Altima is very young, so try to keep their natural beauty.

Publish photos, Altima wearing a long black leather coat, bound with a wide black belt (new products), revealing long legs, very sexy. chrome hearts sunglasses, She showed off two pairs of sunglasses.

Actress Twitter shows million chrome hearts hand bag, look stylish with beautiful young models with glasses.

Easy street culture has always been easy to be accepted by the young people nowadays, many Korea star Street style clothing is quite fond of, such as Chrome Hearts Sunglasses. Street fashion worn by Quan Zhilong, almost wearing a fire, either baggy and loose sweater is gold baseball cap, worn on the star who had no sense of endearingly, had been a bold interpretation of the dress to the freedom of his soul. But these wave plates like Chrome Hearts became bad Street streetwear really flare up?

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