The summer will pop at Chrome Hearts! The French company unveils its latest model of solar, a reinterpretation graphic and slender a must-see Mount. Anatomy of the Chrome Hearts Online, future it-shades of the season…

chrome hearts eyewear

A new look, this is the invitation of the Chrome Hearts Online, the last born of the Chrome Hearts Eyewear branch. Building on its success with the Chrome Hearts So Real, that is is even given to customizing with My Chrome Hearts So Real, publishes a new model for success.

Chrome Hearts T Bird White Shiny Silver Sunglasses

Seen for the first time on the nose of Rihanna at the ready-to-wear 2016 show, they are today revealed in a video tour also on occasion.

Chrome hearts sunglasses facebook

A retro silhouette worthy of an air pilot, the preciousness of the metal and a touch of pop with bold colored glasses, sunglasses, Chrome Hearts Online is noted. An impact very worn by clean lines and graphics, which revisit a timeless frame. Resolved to fantasy, chrome hearts online usa, the House declines its new model headlight in several metals and tones. Mounts silver or Golden, pink, silver, blue mirror lenses or classic glasses green or blue, the sunglasses sky adorns itself with a multitude of dresses to seduce us. Now available on the e-shop of the claw, it will invite on your face throughout the summer at a price of 400 euros.