Chrome Hearts brand began its existence in Malibu in the year 1988. Translated into Russian language, this phrase means “chrome heart”. Southern California coast became the seat of the first release of products, which are … leather pants and jackets. This is not surprising, because created this brand spouses-bikers Richard Stark (Stark) and Laurie Lynn stark (Laurie Lynn Stark).

Founding fathers Chrome Hearts used for its products the best grades of leather and decorated with silver in the Gothic style. Because wife revolved with your rock ‘n’ roll Bohemia, familiar with pleasure has become all withdrawing from their hands. After a while, chrome hearts jewelry, the clothing is no longer the only product family business. Spouses began production under the name Chrome Hearts exclusive silver, gold and Platinum jewelry.

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Then came the turn of frames and sunglasses, which are also made by hand. Sunglasses Chrome Hearts can always learn among other finishing in the style of Gothic chic: crosses. The original design is not the only advantage of these branded sunglasses Chrome Hearts brand always attracts by its high quality. In the production points of Midlothian uses the finest Chrome leathers, titanium, rare breeds of wood, cellulose acetate, precious metals.

Today the American brand of Chrome Hearts became property of the level of cult, it is not necessary to submit to the connoisseurs of high-end things Wednesday. chrome hearts clothing retail, Glasses are manufactured using such exotics as ebony and Brazilian mahogany, decorated with precious stones and symbols in the form of silver lilies and crosses nobody can stay indifferent.

Work on collection frames CHROME HEARTS every time lasts up to 9 months, as a result of the fact that these points have Brad Pitt and David Beckham. Such accessories definitely created for real men, chrome hearts sunglasses online, successful and self-confident. It is believed that the popularity of the brand brought such features as:

radical design, extravagance, eccentricity, high quality.

Fans of Chrome Hearts over the years points their existence become popular, Christina, chrome hearts sunglasses collection, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lenny Kravitz, Karl Lagerfeld. Gothic aesthetics and is present in a new collection of stamps created using new technologies. Now each model points Chrome Hearts becomes a thing with its own vivid character.

Now the Chrome Hearts brand together with the Blinde and belongs to the OSA International, a company working in the market of frames higher price category. All collection brings together not just the highest quality, but also designed for the most sophisticated in matters of fashion and image of the public. chrome hearts Jewelry, Spectacular accessory, as it is known, can say a lot about its owner.

Chrome Hearts sunglasses just and belong to the category of spectacular and luxurious. Sunglasses brands are created using mineral lenses. A bit gloomy Gothic glamour — here is a constant characteristic of these frames and branded sunglasses.